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What is West Coast Swing?

West Coast Swing is OUR specialty! It is our favourite style of Swing because it can be danced to a huge range of music, tons of current music (pop, contemporary, R&B) and lots of music from the last several decades so several generations can enjoy the dance and dance with one another!

As well, it is one of the social dances that offers the most freedom of personal expression and musical interpretation. It can look completely different from one dance to the next! It’s a dance style where you can also borrow from other dances to spice things up! One of the more recent dance styles being incorporated into West Coast Swing is “Zouk” which when blended into West Coast Swing has been dubbed “Swouk”.

So, now that you’ve found us, take a look around the website…definitely watch the fun videos below to see why we love West Coast Swing so much and we hope to hear from you or dance with you soon!



Novice level Jack and Jill competition (Note: in a Jack and Jill competition, partners are chosen randomly and no one knows which songs will be played. So, none of this is choreographed – it is all lead-and-follow)


Here’s an All-Star Jack and Jill competition featuring Kyle from Toronto


Robert Royston & Tatiana Mollman-Bennet 2014

Jordan & Tatiana (WCS Champs) and Kadu & Larissa (Zouk Champs)