About Us

We are a large group of individuals who thoroughly enjoy West Coast Swing and want to make sure that West Coast Swing continues to thrive in the beautiful city of London, Ontario!

Currently our designated representatives are Gary Lythe, Heather Fisher and Jessica Polzer.

We regularly offer workshop & social dances at a couple of different venues in the city, and we offer “courses” where you can start learning West Coast Swing whether you have any dance background or not, and where you can explore special topics that will enhance your dance.

Often times, we pile into our cars and head off to the other workshops and social dances in Waterloo, Ancaster, Toronto and beyond because we know it’s important to support the active West Coast Swing communities in those cities as well. Upon joining the Facebook groups or email lists of any of our communities, you will discover that sometimes it’s just as easy as asking “hey! is anyone going to _________ this Saturday? I’m looking for a ride!”

Dance people are friendly people and we welcome everyone who wants to enjoy all the events we offer!

To inquire about lessons or to connect with us, you can email us at:


You can also find us on Facebook at: