Learning WCS

West Coast Swing is a partner dance derived from Lindy Hop and classic Jitterbug. This modern and versatile style of swing was originally done to blues music, but has evolved into a very contemporary style that can be done to a variety of music styles including blues and pop.

The look of West Coast Swing can range from soulful and funky to smooth and sleek, depending on the interpretation of the music style by the dancers. Its flexibility, both with style and music, are some of the reasons West Coast Swing is rapidly gaining in popularity across the country. It is characterized by its elastic look and slotted style.

Here are some favorite videos showing different levels of skill for West Coast Swing:

Beginner Level


 Intermediate Level

(also a pretty good demo of the “counting” that happens during classes and the type of things you would typically learn at early Intermediate level)



The FUN Level! (this seems to be where most of the journey is…where you begin paying attention to the subtler cues of your partner and start to dress up your WCS with styling etc.)


The Die-Hard Level (you’re probably starting to book hotel rooms for “weekend” championship events just to get more workshops under your belt)


Advanced & Beyond (you might even be competing, possibly even instructing but you’re a Westie at heart and for life!)




The So-Advanced-That-I’m-Going-to-Entertain-Everyone Level