Class and Social Dance Policies

Fragrance-Free Dance & Lesson Policy

We thank you for ensuring that you do not put on aftershave, cologne, perfume, scented creams and the like to protect our dancers who have strong allergic reactions to anything scented. This applies to the clothes you wear as well–do not spritz your shirts with cologne or perfume. If you are concerned about personal odors please bring a change of clothing and apply/reapply unscented anti-perspirant. We want to offer a safe dance environment for all.


Missed Class Policy

If you miss a class, we are unable to issue refunds since our costs are fixed. However, each class normally begins with a review of what was taught before, plus we will be happy to help you catch up during the dance at the end of the evening. You may also want to contact someone from class who may have recorded it and get a copy of their video summary.


Filming Video Recaps of Lessons

We encourage class registrants to record lesson summaries on their cell phones or cameras. For anyone arriving early for a next class, in fairness to and out of respect for those who paid for the class, please do not take the liberty of recording the lesson summary for yourself of a class you haven’t paid for.

We appreciate when someone asks permission to sit and watch a class that they haven’t registered for.


Temperature Of Dance Space

Typically a ballroom or lesson studio will be chilly in preparation for dancing to happen later. It is difficult to control the climate so that everyone is comfortable so please wear layers and you can better control your own comfort.

When running a dance, if using the ballroom with ceiling fans they will be running during the lesson so that the ballroom doesn’t heat up and take longer to be cooled down for when dancing begins.

Social Dance Etiquette

The classes and dances that we offer should be enjoyable to everyone. Please make sure you’ve read over the social dance etiquette applicable to any social dance scene. It is found at:


As the coordinators of West Coast Swing London activities, we are managing this group, classes and dances on our personal time.

We appreciate your understanding : )