Vision Dance Encounter (Swouk)

Vision Dance Encounter is the product of the imaginations of Laura Riva and Darius Zi. Combining their love of West Coast Swing and of Brazilian Zouk Lambada (now being woven into many champion level West Coast Swing dancing) into a cross-over event.

Especially unique to this event is that dancers of each genre get a chance to train with the top-level Pro’s in each and then to cross-train in the other dance style, also taking instruction from top-level Pro’s.

Since the event showcase includes the “See Inside Me” stage production featuring blind or partially sighted people who were taught to dance Zouk (some without any dance bakground), VDE raises funds to continue offering a dance lesson program for those with vision impairments.

As an Ontario Westie, being able to learn directly from Jordan Frisbee and Tatianna Mollman-Bennett is extremely exciting! Plus, having experienced learning Zouk for the first time last year, I (Rachel) was really inspired to learn more!

Event Directors: Darius Zi and Laura Riva