Where We Dance

Organized Dances

We here at West Coast Swing London try to organize a dance once a month and we announce our dances via:

  • the Calendar on this website
  • emails to those on our email list (ask to get on the list: swinglondon.wcs@gmail.com)
  • our Facebook Page (like us at: )
  • the Facebook Group (ask to join the group)
  • sometimes we put an ad on Kijiji.ca
  • sometimes we put an ad in the London Free Press online

Presently we are favoring the Polish Hall (554 Hill St.) for our dances which are usually held during their business hours (12:20-4) on a Sunday afternoon. We like that it has:

  • a spacious dance floor
  • tons of seating
  • ambient lighting
  • free parking

Dances typically include an Intermediate lesson from 12:30 to 1:30 and a beginner lesson from 1:30 to 2:30. Dancing continues until 4pm.

For a list of our planned dances, check here

Note that all first-time West Coast Swing dancers get into the dances for FREE!
Dancing in London

Our beautiful London has had some great, unconventional dance opportunities! Here’s a list of places where we’ve gone dancing:

  • Wortley Village Jazz & Blues Festival
  • Party For Change @ Kingsmill’s Department Store (political fundraising party for Mayor Matt Brown at the historic Kingsmill’s store prior to being repurposed for Fanshawe College)
  • Quai Du Vin Estate Winery
  • Eastside Bar & Grill to a live band
  • Polish Hall Friday night dance (Ballroom, Latin and West Coast Swing)

Usually when we go dancing “out in the wild” we consider the surface that we’re dancing on and plan to bring footwear that will suit the environment and still allow us to dance. Sometimes we discretely carry in our dance shoes into the venue and switch shoes in the bathroom.

Dancing in Waterloo & Ancaster

We organize our dance dates so as not to conflict with the monthly dances held by the Waterloo Westies and the Ancaster groups. These dances are a little over an hour’s drive and we often carpool together. These dances are on Saturday nights and offer a fun atmosphere with some experienced dancers! If you would like to come with us or head there yourself, you can find their dance details on our calendar as well!

Waterloo Westies: http://www.waterloowesties.ca/